Does Elon Musk have a problem with the LGBTQ+ community?

Two layoffs made by the car brand in recent weeks raise questions.

Does the king of the electric car have a problem with diversity? Our colleagues of the American media Electrek reveal this Monday that Tesla fired two executives engaged in programs promoting inclusion in their workplace.

Tesla thanked the volunteer president of the brand’s LGBTQ+ association, Bobby Berretta-Paris. Hired as a recruiter five years ago, he has since been promoted three times. In addition, still according to information from Electrek, Brittany Gibbons, an engineer specializing in software would also have been dismissed. She participated in in-house diversity and inclusion advocacy programs.

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The two ex-employees did not respond to Electrek’s questions.

On his Twitter account, Fred Lambert, founder of Electrek gives his opinion on these remarks: “This could be a coincidence with the ongoing layoff campaign. But Musk having viewed the ‘woke’ phenomenon as a critical threat to civilization, this is worrisome and something to watch out for.”

Wave of layoffs

These layoffs come at a time when Tesla makes clear cuts in its workforce. The brand must reduce the number of its employees by 10%, due to a “super bad feeling” from Elon Musk on the economic climate of the coming months.

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Last month, a Twitter user asked the billionaire about his motivations for entering the political arena. Businessman’s response:

“Unless it is stopped, mental woke virus will destroy civilization and humanity will never reach mars »

The boss of SpaceX and Tesla did not explain further the link between awareness of injustices affecting minorities and the impossibility of going to the red planet.

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