Despite the barrier, this bike came out of the parking lot in style!

Sometimes the most mundane everyday actions can be made fun with a little imagination. This is exactly what this cyclist, rather comfortable on a two-wheeler, applied!

Why walk past the barrier or wait for it to rise when you can walk under it in style? This cyclist answered this question perfectly and you will see, we challenge you not to be impressed by his skills of freestyler.

Because yes, at this level, we are certainly not dealing with a Sunday cyclistunable to jump off a curb. No, sir is as comfortable on his bike as an F1 driver on the highway and you will be able to see it, barriers are not a problem for him.

Passing under a bicycle barrier with classStreaming

A small 360 for the road

Well aware that he was being filmed, the cyclist delighted us with a very classy but also efficient figure. Yes, compared to the usual videos, it didn’t crash and did what it wanted to do perfectly!

We are not going to lie to each other, it changes and it feels good. Usually, the bikes we see on video often end up on the ground for mischief. There it was not the case, but then really not at all.

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