[Debrief] Discovering the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022

Last weekend, Gaultier and JanL were on the rock for the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022. For these two members of the team, the experience was common: it was their first! They tell it to you.

The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique 2022 by Gaultier:

This year was my first at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. Arriving there, didn’t know at all what to expect. And what I found there was simply exceptional. It is clearly one of the most extraordinary events dedicated to historic racing cars. For me, it is to be classified in the same category as Le Mans Classic or the Goodwood Revival, that is to say if the bar is high!

The weekend was truly extraordinary. You could meet renowned pilots from all eras. I was able to meet for the first time Charles Leclerc, Jochen Mass, Derek Bell but above all my favorite driver (probably because I am Belgian): Jacky Ickx. And again, I’m only talking about living legends. Because the legends on wheels were also in the game… and what a game!

The 2022 Grand Prix de Monaco Historique was not a parade. F1 cars, whatever their age, their prestige, their reliability of today or yesterday, were driven to the limit by experienced drivers. Far from Sunday walks, shopping (results here) have seen their share of outings, abandonments and clashes!

When I arrived, I told myself that it would be the only time I would come to Monaco. But once back, I tell myself that it’s impossible, I’m clearly in love! However, I can be critical. I tell myself that finding on this mythical track the cars that opened the Grand Prix at the time, from the Porsche Cup to the BMW M1 Procar, would be a great idea. It would take the Monaco Historic Grand Prix to another dimension.

I would simply say to those who have never had the chance to go there… to go for it! It is an event in the calendar of vintage vehicle enthusiasts. Monaco, see you in two years perhaps!

The 2022 Monaco Historic Grand Prix as seen by JanL:

So it was my first Historic Monaco Grand Prix. To say that I was excited by the event is still an understatement! I expected to see something different from what you find on a modern F1 Grand Prix and it was indeed the case.

I tumbled into another era. Some will say it was better before, others that you can’t compare everything. Others, finally, will simply be happy to be there, to enjoy the spectacle and to see the history of motorsport pass by. Only Monegasques will simply tell you that “you are in Monaco”, as if one could be “jaded” to see such a spectacle!

In any case, we had to take advantage. Take advantage of everything that happened on the circuit during the races, between the races, the impeccable work of the marshals and organizers, the hospitality, the benevolence of the volunteers and the kindness of the people around you.

On the track, the different periods of motorsport follow one another at a frenetic pace and in a joyful hubbub. It’s no secret that these old cars make a lot more noise than current cars. But with the steep-sided streets of Monaco, we reach a simply ecstatic mechanical din!

The animation is huge. Lots of battles on the track, lots of going off the track, even with hugely valuable collector cars! The pilots attack, want to win. And when we talk about drivers, there are more women drivers here than in many current series, it’s a surprise for observers and their driving can be for their competitors!

In any case, it’s a great atmosphere, an atmosphere that you have to experience to understand!

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