Commissioner dies at Nürburgring

Victim of a health problem, a marshal died on Sunday May 8 during a qualifying event for the 24 Hours at the Nürburgring circuit.

It is a very sad news that has bereaved the Nürburgring circuit this Sunday, May 8. A commissioner is indeed died. According to a communication from the authorities of the circuit, the man would have been victim of a health problem.

“Terrible news from the medical center: a commissioner who collapsed in the Pflanzgarten section (kilometer 15 of the circuit, editor’s note), left usthus communicated the authorities of the route on Instagram. Despite the immediate arrival of rescue teamswho started resuscitation, the 52-year-old man finally had to be declared dead. »

The event occurred during a qualifying event for the 24 Hours of Nürburgring. “Of course, in such moments, the race completely takes a back seat.continues the organization of the circuit. We mourn the loss of a dedicated person, who was active on the Nordschleife (north loop, editor’s note), for years. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”.

To his loved ones, Auto Moto also sends his condolences.

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