Chinese city bans Tesla cars for fear of spying

Tesla brand cars will be banned from the Chinese city of Beidaihe for two months. The authorities fear the risk of espionage.

Reading the title, you may have thought it was the start of a movie, or a made-up story. Nay! American Tesla vehicles will be fine banished from Beidaihe resortlocated in the northeast of the country.

The highest dignitaries of the Communist Party indeed gather here every summer. Consequently, measures should be taken to protect their secrets. The authorities therefore decided hit hard, preventing access to the city for Teslas. This from July 1 and for no less than two months. The owners of these vehicles will therefore have to organize themselves, otherwise they will be in difficulty.

The official reasons for the exclusion were not specified. But everything suggests that the fear of espionage motivates this decision. Indeed, the country’s authorities are very suspicious of Teslas and their cameras.

China already feared Tesla spying

In 2021, the People’s Liberation Army (the army of China) had prohibits Tesla owners from parking on bases. The housing complexes were also affected by this measure. Before it even became widespread, these obligations extending to other government organizations.

The authorities feared that the images from the cameras filming the environment would be recovered by the Americans. A fear probably still relevant. This despite the reassuring words of Elon Muskboss of Tesla. The latter thus affirmed that the cameras of his cars were not used to spy on the country. As a pledge of good faith, he even announced create a local data center.

Interesting measures, taken while Tesla enjoys some freedom in China. It is thus the only foreign manufacturer to have been able to set up a factory without the need to create a partnership with a local firm. It is in any case astonishing that the Chinese authorities, followers of cameras, facial recognition, surveillance and other liberticidal joys… fear Tesla cameras.

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