charging as expensive as filling up?

In relation to range, the price of electricity to charge an electric car is not always advantageous compared to a thermal vehicle.

“Recharging is cheaper than refueling. » The argument often returns in the mouth of the defenders of the electric. Indeed, while gasoline has just exceeded the limits again two euros per liter on average in Francethe price of a recharge seems much more attractive. Thus, EDF estimates the tariff between 1.5€ and 4€ approximately for 100 kilometerscompared to €6 to €9 for a thermal vehicle”.

However, this estimate is not not an exact science. In fact, this can change, depending on the type of charging, the terminal used,… Our colleagues from the Figaro thus paid the price. During the test drive of an MG Marvel R between Paris and Sainte-Menehould (Marne), they paid a rate similar to that of a gas-powered car.

Electricity is (already) expensive to charge an electric car

Thus, during their first stop in Reims, their vehicle showed 47% battery, for 118 kilometers of autonomy. Half an hour later with a peak load of 85kW, the battery has recovered 40%. The autonomy is increased to 230 kilometers, their wallet relieved of 28.74 euros.

For the same range, a diesel vehicle consuming six liters per 100 kilometers (high average) would need 13.8 liters of fuel. Which amounts (according to their calculations made that day) to 27.73 euros. One euro less only for charging.

Rebelote on the return trip. The battery drops to 17%, it is recommended to recover 80%, “which amounts to charging 52 kWh” according to the tester. This corresponds to no less than 42 minutes of downtime at 0.871 euro per minute. Verdict: €36.58 invoiceto arrive at 223 kilometers of autonomy displayed. be a cost one euro every 6.09 kilometers on the motorway.

This not to mention that electricity is not even taxed. That France is a major producer of this energy. But also that the waiting times are astronomical, or that terminals sometimes do not work. In short, there is still work to do to make the energy transition acceptable.

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