carriers consider blocking roads

Carriers are calling for government aid in the face of rising fuel prices. Under penalty of taking drastic measures, in particular by blocking the roads.

The grumbling rises among carriers. As fuel prices soar, they are, by definition, part of of the most exposed professions. Costs are exploding, working is increasingly difficult. Professionals therefore call for government aid. Without what, they will block the roads.

The situation is dramaticthus confirms Gilles Mesples, bosses of the eponymous transport, to Transportation Info. To go into more detail, he explains that “the mechanism for passing on changes in the price of fuel does not work”. “We miss him already 7% diesel upgrade (…) the lack of indexing we completely eat our margin. »

” We want pay our employees properly and not fatten the tankers »he continues. Gilles Mesples therefore urges the public authorities to lower fuel prices. Otherwise, the solution will be radical: we will block the roadshe confides. Sure of himself, he even asserts that the French will thank us. »

Fuel prices at their highest

These comments come as fuel prices have been at their highest for several months already. But for three weeks, prices have been continuously exploding, especially for diesel. Thus, the latter appeared on average at €2.13 per liter in France last week. Be one increase of 6.5 cents in one week, 34 cents in a month !

For gasoline, the SP95 evolves around €2.10 per liter. The SP98 is more expensive, the liter appearing at almost 2.20 euros. At present, a discount of 18 cents per liter is applied by the government. The latter was originally due to end on July 31, before being extended.

However, it could leave room for more targeted aid in the months to come. Enough to appease carriers? Nothing is less sure…

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