Cadillac Celtic rivals Mercedes EQS in first teaser images

We got the first official marketing images of the upcoming new Cadillac Celestiq, which will represent a class of luxury all-electric sedan that is likely to compete in particular. Mercedes EQS 2022 And the Audi E Tron GT 2022 .

The Celtic car is the best expression of what the American company Cadillac enjoys from the pinnacle of ingenuity in design, technology and performance. From the first sight, the captivating silhouette of the upcoming new electric luxury car leaves a distinctive and long-lasting impression, with a futuristic flair and sophistication in terms of creativity, innovation and superior luxury.

The exclusive lighting design from Cadillac takes it to new levels in the Cadillac Celtic, as it is recognizable and is from the Cadillac fleet, but with a modern touch.

“From its unique proportions, to its seamless, sophisticated new language of form, to its superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, CELESTIQ is unlike anything else on the road today,” said Magali Debilisi, Cadillac Brand Advanced Design Director. CELESTIQ was created from the start to embody the concept of ‘the new standard for the world’.”

As a matter of knowledge, the Cadillac Lyric 2023 crossover is the first fully electric production car from the American company Cadillac, a subsidiary of General Motors Group owned by the Stylantis Group, and it was first revealed on the Internet in August of the year 2020.

Cadillac has supplied the Lyric 2023 with a battery set of 12 units and a capacity of 100 kWh, and it depends on the Ultium platform for rear-wheel drive also used on the GMC Hummer EV truck. Rotation to 440 Nm.

As soon as more official information is available about the upcoming all-new Cadillac Celtic electric car, God willing.

In order to remind you, this is the last thing we talked about about Cadillac cars:

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