BMW 7 Series is old, got 22 inch alloy tires

Today, we will show you a set of photos that show an old BMW 7 Series after it got 22-inch alloy tires as part of a modification to the exterior appearance.

First of all we would like to remind you that The whole new generation From the full-size sedan BMW 7 Series model 2023, it officially appeared last April to declare war on the Mercedes S-Class 2022, and it got a fully electric version that bore the name i7.

Today we are reviewing the result of Cor.Speed ​​supplying an old BMW 7 Series with 22-inch Deville alloy tires.

The car we are talking about in this news is one of the copies Generation G11 that were made during the years 2015 through 2019, before you got the Facelift updates on Model 2020 Our team at ArabGT has previously tried driving this luxury Bavarian car.

As you noticed after looking at the attached pictures within this news, the tires that were provided on the 7 Series have a 10-spoke design, surrounded by XL wheels of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, the size of which is 255/30R22 in the front and 295/25R22 At the back .

With such a low profile, we don’t want to drive this 7 Series on poor quality roads, since a small pothole may look like a trench for its new tires. Moreover, the air suspension has been lowered which reduces the distance between the tires and wheel arches.

Without any doubt, equipping a luxury car with these tires seems a bit strange, as it is more suitable for super sports cars, but the owner of this copy of the old BMW 7 Series located in Croatia wanted to stand out from the crowd, and surprisingly, the car is not equipped with any kind of external modifications On the chassis or the carbon fiber parts of the car, while it is not known whether it received any modifications under the hood for more power.

As a reminder, here are some of the last things our ArabGT team spoke about about car tires:

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