Auto repair: ultra-minority used parts

The use of recycled parts for car repairs remains a minority, with 3.8% of the market in the first quarter of 2022. The market is growing, however.

The recycled parts market remains a minority, but progresses. This is in any case what establishes a study carried out by the association Security and Repair Automobiles (SRA). According to the organization, reused parts (PRE) have been reused in 3.8% of cases. It doesn’t matter how old the vehicles are. 12.2% of expertise would have, on their side, recommended the integration of at least one reused part.

The study also details the elements concerned by these replacements with reconditioned used parts. Tailgates represent almost a quarter of these repairs, at 24.6%. Nearly similar number for the doors, at 23.5% for the rearsfollowed at 20.4% for the forwards. Fenders, hoods and taillights also dominate the picture. These parts are shown respectively in 14%, 12.1% and 10% of the elements concerned. Note the predominance of body parts.

The second-hand part, a gradually growing market

These percentages reflect in any case a slight enthusiasm for second-hand parts. The number of PREs used has thus increased by 0.2 point over one year. Over five years, the increase for recommendations following expert appraisals is also confirmed, 4.5 points better than in 2017.

This dynamic is probably due to the price explosion of many car-related items (fuels, etc.), due to current inflation. Businesses have understood this. The bodywork brand Five Star and one of the leaders of ERP in France, Black2Car have recently bet on a partnership.

Objective of this alliance? Offer to customers ” a particularly competitive alternative to new partswithin the framework of the repair of old vehicles and whose the value does not justify expensive repairs. »

Remember that since 2017, mechanics have been in obligation to offer consumers the opportunity to repair their vehicle with used partsdepending on the problem to be solved. An approach that fits under the energy transition law.

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