At 217 km/h instead of 80, the champion of the week comes to us from Ariège!

This Saturday, June 11, around 11 p.m., the gendarmes of Ariège recorded one of their biggest speeding tickets for this year 2022!

Law enforcement probably checked their radar a couple of times to be sure it was working this Saturday. But ultimately no doubts, the driver passed in front of them at 217 km/h on a departmental road in Ariège!

It was already late and there was less traffic, but that doesn’t mean driving at 137 km/h above the authorized speed.

But you can imagine, this driving madman did not make it like a flower. Especially since this great excess of speed was not his only feat of arms…

Alcoholic on top of that!

While he was traveling at an all but reasonable pace, this driver was therefore arrested by the gendarmes on duty. The latter then withdrew his driving license on the spot. but also checked his blood alcohol level.

Bingo! Even if the latter was not revealed in detail, we can still say that it turned out to be positive.

In addition to his driver’s license, it was therefore his car that was immobilized by the soldiers.

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