Are luxury car drivers more rude than others?

Does the prestige of the car we drive play on our propensity to let pedestrians pass or not? According to a 2020 study brought out by our colleagues from Business Week, yes!

Two years ago, a study on the behavior of motorists in the face of pedestrians was published in the Journal Of Transport and Health.

The latter has just resurfaced and it shows us a particularly unusual fact. And for good reason, according to its results, drivers of luxury cars would be less inclined to let pedestrians pass in front of a zebra crossing.

To tell the truth, the price of the car is even the most important criterion reported in this study, ahead of the age and sex of the drivers. The more the price increases, the less the driver will let people pass.

At last, of the 461 motorists studied, only 27.98% of them stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing.

Rude but gallant

Besides the fact that luxury cars and other supercars stop less than more “classic” cars, the researchers also noticed that motorists stopped more easily for women.

Thus, in 31.33% of cases, cars stopped for pedestrians against only 24.06% for pedestrians.

As much to tell you that, if you are a man and you see a Lamborghini happen, you will have to be patient…

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