Annoyed by a pole, this trucker has completely cracked!

It was too much for this HGV driver who was tired of having to maneuver in front of a warehouse. Only here, this crack will cost him dearly …

It’s an absolutely amazing scene that was captured in front of a warehouse. We can see a semi-trailer trying, somehow, to maneuver in a very restricted space.

To tell the truth, it’s two small yellow poles that bother him to be able to turn correctly. And when the video starts, we feel that the truck driver is losing patience. His driving is more and more jerky and he is not far from cracking.

But beware, we don’t know how long he’s been struggling like this. The only thing we know for sure is that it won’t last very long…

Eh yes, after a few seconds, the heavyweight decides to send everything flying and go over the posts. Only here, it is unfortunately not without breakage …

A truck driver is tired of maneuveringWeb-zapping

In nag mode!

To make his way in front of these poles, the trucker did not want to rack his brains any longer. No, he went straight ahead and tried to pass over it.

But as expected, this maneuver led to the loss of the rear axle of this semi-trailer. And even like that, the driver traced his route, with half of his vehicle rubbing on the ground!

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