an atmospheric V12 and an active suspension

Expected for a long time, the Ferrari Purosangue delivers information in dribs and drabs. This time, we have confirmation that it will have an atmospheric V12 under the hood.

It’s a teaser that never ends. For several years now, we have known that Ferrari plans to launch its very first SUV in 2022. Over the months, we know a little more about the future model, which bears the name Purosangue, for “thoroughbred” in Italian. The Prancing Horse has just confirmed new information, including the date of presentation and the engine placed under the hood.

The manufacturer is taking advantage of the presentation of its strategic plan for the period 2022-2026, the Ferrari Capital Markets Day, to announce the arrival of its very first SUV. The Purosangue will be unveiled in September 2022, a few weeks before the Paris World Cup. The exact date is not yet known, but should be specified soon.

An atmospheric V12 under the hood

Benedetto Vigna, the new Ferrari boss, has confirmed that the Purosangue will launch with a naturally aspirated V12 engine under its hood. “ The Purosangue is 100% Ferrari and will bring several unique features to market, including our naturally aspirated V12 engine ; our most passionate engine said the CEO at the event. “ We are confident that it will exceed all customer expectations “, he concluded.

The official power is for the moment kept secret, but we can imagine that the SUV will take over the 6.5 block of the 812 Competizione, which delivers 830 hp and 692 Nm of torque. It is even rumored that the V12 would deliver a little more horsepower. Subsequently, the Italian SUV could also be available in other versions: a hybrid engine based on the 3.9 V8 of the Romebut also a potential 100% electric variant, since the modular platform allows it.

An active suspension from the program

In addition to this, the Purosangue should carry a unprecedented active suspension, called FAST (for Ferrari Active Suspension Technology). This technology was announced in 2018 by the ex-director of new technologies Michael Leiters (now CEO of McLaren). It would allow engineers to offer true Ferrari behavior despite its high weight and imposing size. For example, body roll would be controlled in turns, thanks to a low center of gravity, while the front/rear weight transfer would be balanced thanks to this suspension.

Photos: DR, Automedia.

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