Alonso realistic before going to the front line in Canada

Fernando Alonso spoke about the expectations and goals he has around the Canadian Grand Prix after qualifying on the front row.

Fernando Alonso had almost lost the reflex of knowing where to position his car and where to stand during the press conference after qualification :

“I was a little confused! The FIA ​​guy brought me here. […] It’s new for us! »

The last time the double world champion appeared in First linehe still wore the red Ferrari tunic. These memories go back to German Grand Prix 2012. Since his return to Formula 1in 2021, the Spaniard has not been successful with the team Alpine. Fernando Alonso struggled to achieve what he had just accomplished, not without reminding that he owes this result to his team:

“It was amazing! Starting from the front row is a little better than we expected, a much better result than expected,” said the Asturian. “But we take! Of course, it was a very tricky qualifying session, on a semi-dry track with intermediate tyres, I think we benefited from these conditions.

Of course, my last top 3 was a long time ago. And I don’t think we have the car to be in this situation, I think we were lucky with the circumstances.”said the Spaniard.“We are working hard to make the car as fast as possible, we brought new sidepods to Baku and new parts on the rear wing here. This kind of result helps the guys at the factory. »

Since the start of the weekend, the Bull of Asturias has shown a very interesting rhythm on dry and wet track. Proof that the latter is comfortable driving his A522. But that doesn’t mean he expects an easy race. However, in theabsence of Sergio Pérez and Charles Leclercat the forefrontFernando Alonso intends to take advantage of every opportunity:

“Our position is always behind the top 4. It doesn’t matter where you start, you can have a puncture or something, you always have to manage to finish in front of everyone. I expect to fight for a top 5 finish, but that means beating Mercedes and other fast cars around us. We have a long race ahead of us, which will be difficult to execute, with tire management for which we have little information in dry conditions. I’m confident, but you can’t dream too big. »

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