All-new Honda HR V 2023 price and specifications revealed with its official photos

We will introduce you to the price and specifications of the all-new Honda HR V 2023, with the official launch of the American version of this Japanese small crossover in the B-segment category.

This is the second and all-new generation of Honda HR V cars in the American market, as this Japanese car first arrived on the shores of North America in 2016, a new HR V combines the design of its sister sedan Honda Civic 2022 And modern interior technology with a spacious cabin and all-wheel drive system AWD Available to better challenge its older sister, the famous Honda CR V.

As part of the review of the price and specifications of the all-new Honda HR V 2023, we would like to point out that it shares the same chassis as a new Honda Civic, and it will also share the same 4-cylinder engine, a capacity of two liters, naturally breathing, connected to CVT, and the same multi-link rear suspension system.

The engine of this new 2023 car produces 158 hp and 187 Nm of torque, so the new car is 17 hp more powerful and 15 Nm more torque than the current generation. This should mean somewhat more agile performance, although the This engine does not include a turbo to better challenge competitors like; Kia Soul, Hyundai Kona, Kia Seltos, and Jeep Renegade.

Honda also promised improved drivability compared to an older HR V, due to the stiffer chassis and more modern suspension arrangements.

This new 2023 combines the full suite of Honda’s popular active safety systems, including upgraded software that produces more realistic adaptive control behavior. Honda Sensing is standard on all HR V classes, unlike the current car.

As part of the review of the price and specifications of the all-new Honda HR V 2023, we would like to note that its size has increased in the new generation, with a wheelbase of 104.5 inches, which is significantly reflected in the space of the interior cabin, and the rear storage space has increased.

The price of a new Honda HR V in the US market in its standard version LX will start from 24,895 US dollars, equivalent to 93,356 Saudi riyals, without counting the shipping fees of 1,245 US dollars, equivalent to 4,668 Saudi riyals.

As for the price of a new HR V Sport, it starts from 26,895 dollars, equivalent to 100,856 Saudi riyals, and the price of a new HR V EX-L will start from 28,695 dollars, equivalent to 107,606 Saudi riyals, and the cost of ordering the all-wheel drive system is 1,500 dollars, equivalent to 1,500 dollars. 5,625 Saudi riyals.

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