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Maserati unveils the convertible version of its MC20 coupé. This convertible supercar adopts a new name: MC20 Cielo, from the name sky in Italian. Meeting at his birthplace: Modena, Italy.

At the end of 2021, Maserati confirmed the arrival of a decapsulated variant of its MC20 coupé, with photos of the prototype camouflaged under tarpaulins imitating a cloudy sky. This could have given us some clues about the name of this variation. Indeed, the Trident has decided to name its model MC20 Cielo, or “sky” in Italian.

This open-air MC20 stands out from the coupé with its electrically removable glass roof. Designed with the help of specialist Webasto, it can become opaque in an instant thanks to an electrochromatic system using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) in order to vary the light on board, with a simple touch on the touch screen. The operation to roll hair in the wind requires only 12 s, also from a key on the touch screen. We also wonder why Maserati chose not to put two physical buttons for these functions, quite simply. According to the designers we met on site, the purpose of the maneuver was to keep the very refined spirit of the dashboard.

A unique Aquamarina shade

The entire rear part of the vehicle has been reworked to accommodate this mechanism in a trunk behind the two seats. The style of the coupé has been retained with two bumps on the opening, flanked by a large Trident logo as an option (€2,040). The Cielo badge is placed just above the third brake light and the reversing camera. On the outside, there is also a new three-layer Acquamarina tint, produced using a light gray base tint embellished with a double turquoise layer which offers very beautiful reflections. Depending on the light, this effect color is very changeable, turning from light gray to a more pronounced sky blue. This color is specific to the 65 copies of the Primaserie launch series, then will be available later thanks to the Fuoriserie personalization program, allowing customers to choose it on any Maserati in the catalog. Finally, new 20-inch rims with a double X pattern (reminiscent of the Roman numeral XX, for the 20 of MC20 and the year 2020) are added to the catalog.

The cabin is identical to that of the closed MC20, except for a few details such as the driving mode selection button offering a small screen, the seats in Alcantara and leather with laser effect or the reworked steering wheel in Alcantara and carbon fiber, including a new blue start button. The few touches of carbon, Alcantara and leather are still present throughout the cabin, making the whole chic and qualitative. The dashboard is still very sober, with a central 10-inch touch screen and a second 10-inch panel also for displaying the counters. Behind the seats there is a small glass windshield to avoid turbulence when driving with the top down. Note that the trunk volume is identical to that of the coupé: 100 liters at the rear and 50 liters at the front in the “frunk”.

Still a V6 heart

The MC20 Cielo uses the V6 Nettuno, placed in the rear central position. This supercharged block (but without hybridization) of 630 hp is associated with an eight-speed automatic transmission. It offers stunning performance, in particular thanks to its pre-combustion system from F1 and its torque of 730 Nm. The weight gain is contained compared to the coupe with only 65 kg more. Thus, the 0 to 100 km / h is dispatched in 3 s only, that is to say a tenth more than the coupe. The maximum speed is announced above 320 km / h (pending approval), against 326 km / h for the coupe. Subsequently, Maserati will offer a 100% electric version of its spider, like the MC20 Folgore coupé scheduled for 2023. As a reminder, the brand has announced its transformation into a 100% electric manufacturer for 2030.

Prices and marketing

Designed at the Maserati Style Center in Turin, the model will be produced at the historic factory in Viale Ciro Menotti (in the heart of Modena in Italy) alongside the coupé. Marketing should take place by the end of 2022, at a price necessarily higher than the 230,000 € required by the coupe. It will be necessary to offload a minimum of €265,000, or a difference of €35,000. Add to that the price of some options and especially the penalty in France, which should increase to €50,000 from July 1st.

Photos: Hamdi Ben Lagha, Maserati.

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