A Tesla ignites… three weeks after it was scrapped!

A Tesla Model S caught fire three weeks after it was scrapped. The firefighters had to improvise by digging a basin to put an end to this fire.

It took him a while to make up his mind, but a recently scrapped Tesla finally made up his mind. Three weeks after being filed, the Model S in question did indeed catch fire.

Arrived on the spot, the firefighters dealt with a household that is difficult to control. Reason why they must have acted in a rather amazing way. In fact, they needed dig a basin, immerse the vehicle in it, before filling it with water. A complex process that required hours of work. But this finally made it possible to continuously lower the temperature of the components.

Battery damaged, beware danger

Electric vehicle fires are indeed difficult to manage. Blame it on the very composition of the batteries. A defect on the latter can lead to what is called thermal runaway. The temperature increases, which creates energy, which increases the temperature and so on.

This can happen even if a single cell is affected. The cycle in question can indeed spill over to neighboring cellsactivating them in turn and so on. The disaster can therefore smolder for weeksbefore appearing. Real vicious circles, that it is difficult to interrupt with conventional techniques. This forces firefighters to innovate.

Remember, however, that overall, electric cars are no less safe than thermal ones. The liters of fuel contained in the tank, easily exposed during an accident, make them indeed dangerous. Which is not the case with batteries, highly protected. Especially since manufacturers are working to make them safer. In general, fires on cars remain rare.

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