a raised sedan to counter the Peugeot 408?

Ambitious to win back the clientele won over to the cause of SUVs, raised sedans will soon multiply. What about a possible DS6?

Future DS6 – Are the high-legged sedans about to flood the Stellantis galaxy? If the first commercial results of the Citroën C5 X and Peugeot 408 prove to be satisfactory, the automotive group could extend this type of silhouette to a multitude of brands the constituent. Logically, DS would be legitimate to embark on the adventure with a model that fits between the DS7 Crossback and DS9.

Pretty sure, Opel will be entitled to its raised sedan in the next few years. It is also rumored that it would be a 100% electric model that will exhume the Manta appellation. Just like the Peugeot 408which will be revealed by the end of June, is based on an extended platform of 308the future Manta-e will offer the technical basis of the recent Astra, also brought to put its fingers in the socket.

A second sedan at DS?

From there to imagining the DS4, closely derived from the 308 and Astra, applying the same recipes, there is only one step. Based on on the long wheelbase of the station wagon derivatives of its Peugeot and Opel cousinsthe premium compact would give birth to a large sedan approaching the 4.70m long. If the name DS5 is unlikely to be retained, because it is too associated with the minivan of the 2010s, we bet that DS6 would suit him perfectly.

Electrification on all floors

This hypothetical DS6 would inherit, in the same way, the dashboard of the DS4as well as most of its engines, including plug-in hybrids. Eventually, it would also offer itself a 100% electric powertrain as promised on Citroën C5 X and Peugeot 408, within two years. The arrival of this sedan would also allow DS to compensate for the lackluster sales of its flagship DS9, unfortunately shunned by the general public.

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