A Mazda 3 coupe in the boxes?

Would Mazda be working on a coupe version of its compact 3? Amazing technical drawings have been filed with US and European patent offices.

The three-door versions of compact sedans are increasingly rare, and can now be counted on the fingers of one hand. Mazda, which has never marketed such a version on its compact 3, is currently rumored to be working there. Technical drawings of this new 3-door variant have been spotted on American and European patent filing sites.

Reinforced plastic frameless windows

Our colleagues from CarBuzz revealed the information this week, with supporting images of these registered patents and illustrations produced by the media. We discover there a Current Mazda 3, but with one door on each side only. The technical documents show that this version does not appear to be shortened, and would therefore remain at 4.46 m in length. But these drawings offer relatively few details. On another document filed, we discover in more detail the door and its mechanisms. This is composed of a window without frame, like many coupés. These windows would also be reinforced plastic rather than conventional glass, to lighten the whole.

Of course, these simultaneous patent filings do not necessarily mean that there will be production in the coming years. Corn Mazda, which likes to do things differently as it has proven by thinking outside the box (roadster MX-5 still sold despite the abandonment of other manufacturers, innovative engines such as the rotary engine or the SkyActiv-X…) could well surprise us!

Photos: CarBuzz

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