a liter for less than one euro at Casino this weekend

Casino puts a liter of fuel at 85 cents on June 24 and 25, thanks to a voucher system, while energy prices are at their highest.

The weekend is looming and with it, the now traditional relaunch of the operation “Fuel at 85 cents per litre” Casino brands. As for almost six months, the stores at La Fleur will sell a liter of petrol and diesel at €0.85/L. The operation has already started from June 24 and will continue until Sunday 26 at 12 p.m.for stores open at that time.

If you are used to participating in this operation, know that nothing changes. When going to the pump, the price to pay will be the normal price. To know just over two euros per literwithout a doubt.

Once at checkout, a coupon equivalent to the difference between the price paid at the resort and the liter at €0.85/L will be issued. This in the limit of 50 liters maximum and one vehicle per householddepending on the conditions of the operation.

This voucher will then be usable in one of the brand’s stores. The choice is wide, since the 234 shops at La Fleur take part in this offer. Note, however, that it is necessary to make at least 120 euros of purchase (all discounts deducted) to take advantage of it.

Fuel prices at their highest

Casino therefore continues to protect the purchasing power of its consumers, while fuel prices are at their highest. Indeed, the price of a liter of diesel and that of petrol far exceed two euros at present.

In a month, the diesel took 34 cents. He has caught up and overtaken the SP95, but remains behind the SP98which peaks at almost 2.20 euros. The upcoming production increase in July could calm things down in July. Except that the request is likely to increase furtherwhich could lead to tensions and raise prices.

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