A huge D-Day 2022 in Saint-Gaudens (31)

The previous editions of D-Day had been great successes and I was impatiently awaiting the return of this great event to Saint-Gaudens. The video highlighted on social networks a few weeks ago indeed announced heavy to see very heavy!

The least we can say is that I was not going to be disappointed far from it. It was in the early morning that the first vehicles were to arrive. Around 10 am, a good number were in place and others were still arriving.

The old ones grouped!

On the place of Barbastro, this year, it was going to be the old Europeans who were going to be in the spotlight. We started with a couple of rather original Minis and a magnificent trio of Mercedes Pagode in very… Germanic colours.

Just opposite, it was the French who showed themselves. A few Panhards and Simcas, the magnificent outline of a Peugeot 302, a blue Renault 12 that says a lot, a Celtaquatre or even a Matra 530.

In the middle of all this, a few English girls too. The inevitable Triumph TR4 and TR5 were supplemented by a Riley and (!) TVRs…

At the foot of the podium were exposed military vehicles. Among them, one of the stars of D-Day 2022, an AMX 13 armored vehicle in perfect condition.

And it’s not over !

We continue to wander and after a few steps, we still find a few French women. Here Tractions and other Citroëns, a Renault 4CV but also a superb Alpine A108 coupé 2+2! A real rarity that attracted many eyes.

Nearby, it was the Volkswagens, in particular those of Club Boudu Cox, which were in the spotlight. The Cox were out, as usual more or less original, but there was also a Type 3 Notchback simply beautiful in its blue.

Like previous editions, D-Day 2022 honored all old vehicles. So further on were the tractors that were on display along with Renaults, John Deeres, Someca and even a hot-bulb Lanz Bulldog.

On the college side, the Americans exposed themselves. Mustangs of course, a few Corvettes too, but also an interesting pair of 1930s Ford A’s.

Just opposite, there was sports. There were a lot of Alpines and other Renault Spiders, but also a few Jaguars.

Near the court, other clubs exhibited their beautiful old ones. Pell-mell rubbed shoulders with both popular French cars, a Japanese chip, and more sporty cars.

On the side of the Caisse d’Épargne, beautiful cars as well. Among them, a Bristol Britannia little known in our region but also a spectacular Daimler SP 250.

Further on, at the museum of Comminges circuitit was logically the sportswomen who were in the spotlight. The French at first with Alpine but also Porsche, Ferrari and more recent bombinettes.

For this new edition of the D-Day of Saint-Gaudens, the two wheels were not forgotten. They were scattered over the various assembly areas.

Finally, in the adjacent streets, we also came across a few nuggets. Renault 8s and Gordini, an Ondine in Sporty version but also a Peugeot 405 T16.

For this new edition of D-Day in Saint-Gaudens, the organization of the gathering will have done things really well. The event will have attracted many people. The previous year’s attendance record was shattered. For 2022, it’s not far from 700 vehicles that were on display. Also note, a few concerts and other activities to make D-Day even more lively. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Other obligations awaited me elsewhere…

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