A gang of car part thieves arrested

Four undocumented Algerians who are part of a gang of auto parts thieves in Haute-Garonne have been indicted by the French courts.

For more than a year, they crisscrossed the Haute-Garonne by stripping certain cars. Four men suspected of belonging to a gang of auto parts thieves had been in custody since Friday and were charged.

This follows the hundreds of complaints recorded over the past year. A number of motorists in the region had, one fine morning, the unpleasant surprise of finding their car with many parts missing and…covered in foam from a fire extinguisher.

A well-established modus operandi

Indeed, the thieves’ modus operandi was to sneak into an underground car park, reports The Dispatch. After having located the places, they take action in a few minutes. Surveillance cameras are first neutralized. Then, masked and equipped with flashlights, the thieves roam the car park looking for vehicles of specific brands.

When they find what they’re looking for, they act within moments. Like piranhas, they dismantle the most accessible parts (bumpers, bonnets, lights, etc.). Everything is taken away in a van.

The last step remains swing a fire extinguisher on the carin order to remove any exploitable trace for the investigators. Which can make some cars unusable. “My Audi was vandalizedtestifies for The Dispatch Jérémy, victim of these vandals. She’s a wreck because of this white powder (from the fire extinguisher, editor’s note). I lost 30,000 euros. »

Parts sent to Algeria

Toulouse, Léguevin, Balma or even Tournfeuille are all municipalities targeted by this gang. Close to 200 victims came forwardsince the start of the investigation last September. A number that could increase.

The extent of the case is such that it has even been entrusted to an examining magistrate. The investigations therefore made it possible to identify four men aged 25 to 42. Illegal immigrantfrom Mostaganem, in Algeriathey were presumably returning the stolen parts to their country of origin.

Investigators are still trying to find out what happened next. While waiting to learn more, the police conducted a search of boxes rented by the thieves. A juicy peach, since they have found parts (wheels, optics, bumpers) and nearly 10,000 euros in cash.

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