A fuel inversion causes more than forty breakdowns

Customers at a gas station were victims of a fuel inversion. More than forty cars have been affected by this problem.

The Cosne-sur-Loire service station was the theater of a serious failure. A fuel reversal in a vat has indeed led no less than 42 customers came to refuel, to a mechanical problem.

The story dates back to June 10. Two days after the purchase of Auchan pumps from the Schiever group, reports The Journal of the Center. The employee responsible for filling the tanks introduces gasoline into a diesel fuel tank. A mixture of fuels that went wrong in the tanks.

No less than 42 cars having been filled with diesel were immobilized following this inversion. The more DIYers were able to do the oil change themselves, call a tow truck or go to the garage before suffering too much damage. Those less well off have suffered too much damage to go there. Some even realized it only the next day.

After the reversal of fuels, customers supported by Avia

It’s a tilesimply drop an Avia employee at the Center Journal. ” But it’s not our fault. » There is always that all customers will be refunded a full tank in the form of a voucher, even if they only put in 10€ of fuel. Repairs will also be covered.. » A healthy decision costing around 30,000 euros to Avia.

The next day, the offending tank was on his side drained, cleaned and put back into operation with the correct fuel. An incident that is reminiscent the one that occurred recently in Champniers (Charente). A delivery man had confused petrol and diesel. Close to forty customers were also trapped.

Remember that using the wrong fuel can cause many problems. Lubrication is no longer ensured correctly or the spark plugs may burn out. Overall it can seriously damage the engine. The best remains drain the tank as soon as possible. Which costs 300 to 400 euros. In general, however, it is possible to put up to 10% diesel in an unleaded tank. And of 3% to 10% gasoline in a diesel tank.

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