6 tips to keep your car painted for as long as possible

square net – Car owners seek effective ways to maintain the luster and luster of their car paint as long as possible, as the paint is one of the most factors that show the elegance and attractiveness of the car.

But over time, the paint can be damaged by a number of factors, including dust, sunlight, dirt, bird droppings, and desert sand.

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Therefore, today we will show you important tips on how to preserve the exterior paint of the car from damage, as follows:

– Park the car in a safe place

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Choosing ideal parking places for the car, where the car must be avoided in narrow streets to avoid the car being subjected to friction, and it is better to be inside parking.

Use an outer cover

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It is preferable to use a car cover in the absence of parking, as the cover provides the perfect protection while the car is stopped and lined up.

– Car wash regularly

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The car should not be left dirty for long periods, especially when it is dirty with bird droppings or any other stains and sediments, as these dirt and stains affect the paint and cause it damage.

Not constantly polishing the car

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Avoid frequent polishing of the car, as this removes fine particles of paint and reduces layers of paint over time.

– Putting a protective sticker

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It is preferable to apply the transparent protective adhesive “Nano-ceramic”, which is a plastic adhesive material that protects the exterior car structure from erosion factors, minor frictions and scratches.

Use of car care products

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Car care products should be used when washing, and household dish detergent should not be used, as it contains a high percentage of chemicals and acids that may damage the car paint.

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