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square net – Many car owners face great difficulties when reselling their cars, one of the most prominent of these difficulties is the inability to sell the car at its fair price.

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In order to speed up the sale process, the owners suffer huge losses even though the condition of these cars is very good.

This problem is due to car owners neglecting to properly prepare their cars for sale, so today we offer you a number of tips so that sellers can get the highest price when selling their cars.

All repairs in the car must be carried out before it is offered for sale, so that its price does not drop significantly, which includes all parts, even simple ones.

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– The car must be washed and polished well before going to sell it, because the cleanliness of the car from the outside and inside and the glossiness of its paint are among the most important factors that highlight the beauty of the car and raise its price.

– The rims must be washed well from dirt and polished the tires as well, so that they appear in a great way, as they are one of the parts that highlight the beauty of the car and show that the car is not used in a large way.

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The real value of the car is taken into account, and this depends on several factors, including the date of its launch, the number of kilometers it has traveled, its condition, its suitability for work and its technical condition.

It is preferable to avoid offering the car for sale in the recession season of selling used cars, as car purchase requests decrease during this period, and at that time the price of the car drops significantly, and the recession season is often in the winter.

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It is recommended to market the car through specialized websites, and all its specifications are placed on it, to attract the largest number of customers.

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