2022 Rivian R1S SUV Deliveries Delayed by Months

  • Rivian R1S order holders were notified by email of delayed delivery dates.
  • The new dates range as far as December 2022.
  • Delivery dates are based on pre-order date, customer location, and pre-order configuration.

    Preorders for the Rivian R1S are further facing delays that the company states are a result of ongoing supply-chain and service-infrastructure issues. Self-evolution reported earlier this week that order holders had been notified of the delay via email. The original email, which appears to differ slightly from person to person based on “preorder date, delivery location and current configuration,” was posted to a Rivian owner forum.

    Rivian said it is prioritizing delivery areas where service infrastructure is already in place, in order to “provide the full ownership experience to Rivian owners from day one.” With delivery dates jumping around so much, and with the company previously being under fire for raising prices during the preorder periodit isn’t a huge shock to hear about one more delay. Forum posters have listed expected delivery dates of their R1S between August and December 2022, with Rivian seemingly holding out that it can get all preorders delivered by the end of the year.

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    The R1S will be the second production model from the company and is its first SUV. It will start at $84,500 and, like the R1T EV pickupuses a 128.9-kWh battery pack, which the EPA estimates is good for 316 miles of range. The 2022 model is offered only as a quad-motor Launch Edition. Cheaper trim levels, including Explore and Adventure models, are expected to be added for the 2023 model year. To enlarge Max battery pack, with a claimed 400-plus miles of range, also has been delayed until 2023the company previously announced.

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