2.30 euros per liter everywhere from August?

Fuel prices (unleaded and diesel) could quickly reach this bar with the end of the government rebate.

August 1 is likely to hurt the wallets of motorists. In effect, the government rebate of 15 to 18 centimes per liter – set up on April 1 – should theoretically end in the middle of summer, However, the latest figures for average fuel prices, published on Monday by the Ministry of Ecology, are explicit. Last Friday, in France, a liter of diesel was sold on average at 2.1335 euros and a liter of unleaded at 2.0866 euros.

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In adding the 15 cents to the current levels, this brings the prices per liter to the following rates :

  • Diesel: €2.2845
  • Unleaded: €2.2366

Levels very close to 2.30 euros

Above all, for diesel, the current rating is close to the record of last March (2.14 euros)… even though this high point had been reached before the implementation of this rebate.

A drop in sight?

However, beware of hasty conclusions. HAS very short term, we could see a lull in the totems due to lower raw material costs. In seven days, the barrel of Brent has seen his rating falling 7.53% to fall to stabilize at $112. This should favor a contraction in prices in the coming days. These could return – pending the end of the government rebate – to levels close to those recorded in May.

May 20

  • Diesel: €1.8520
  • Unleaded: €1.9386

But even by regaining this “floor”, the liter would exceed 2 euros once the discount has been withdrawn… The government is considering a few weeks extension. This could quickly become a sensitive subject for the executive.

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